Ship Channel boat tour!

A couple of months ago, Bill declared we had reservations for a boat tour. The Port of Houston Authority operates the M/V Sam Houston on a free 90-minute tour of Houston’s Ship Channel. Baba Jean and Izzy joined us for this outing, Sam and Cate’s second ride on a boat!

Baba Jean, Bob, Sam

Bill, Cate, Izzy

Sam dancing

Tank farm

Pine 5 freighter

Cate and Sam in the fantail


Jean and Izzy

About an hour into the ride, I realized my camera auto-focus was disabled. Sorry!





Ship Channel Bridge

After the boat tour, we crossed back over the bayou and headed to Brady’s Landing. The parking lot was packed — they had 5 events that morning! — but the restaurant was wide open. We enjoyed their seafood buffet, dessert, and their panoramic view of boats and birds along the bayou.

Sleepy Cate

Sleeping Sam

Looking at how this sleeping Sam neatly fills her car seat, I’m reminded of an earlier trip to the Ship Channel, while a tiny Sam dozed. Such changes in two years!

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2 Responses to “Ship Channel boat tour!”

  1. jbholzer says:

    That was an interesting and fun outing. I do want to say, somewhat defensively, that I put on my sunscreen without benefit of a mirror; and I intentionally coated Izzy thickly because she burns so easily.

    And I have to confess that it pleases me that the girls use their BabaJean blankets as much as they do. Izzy continued using the blanket I knitted her through kindergarten nap time.

  2. Auntie Em says:

    Great pictures!

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