Snow day at the Houston Zoo!

For the last couple of Julys, TXU Energy has sponsored a snowy “chill out” day at the Houston Zoo. So Saturday morning, we treated ourselves to breakfast out at Harry’s, and then hit the Zoo around 9:30 am. We were glad to be members because parking was scarce and the lines were really long. I overheard an EMT tell a colleague that their gate was nearly 6,000 people before 11 am!

We remembered to wear boots but forgot gloves, so our hands got cold. Nonetheless, the girls played in the “snow” for almost an hour!

Dad and Cate charged through the heat and crowds past the elephants to the snowy clearing

Cate and bootless Sam. Sam says, “my feet were hot in the boots” (it was about 95 degrees outside), so she took off a boot to cool off. But “I got cold and put it back on.”

Sam insisted I dig her “snow boots from Mt. Charleston” out of the winter bin.

Sam, Cate, and Mama Bob

Cate explained to me earnestly that she was super hot (it was 95 degrees out!) and so she pulled up her pants to rub snow on her leg, and then “I put snow in my boot!” Cate and Sam then both pulled up their shirts to rub handfulls of snow on their bellies.

Cate says, “I was trying to ring up snow.” Sam asks, “do you mean rough up?” Cate agrees, “yes, rough up snow!”

Sam says, “I was trying to dig in the snow. I was trying to make holes in the snow.”

Sam says, “I put snow in my boot. I was trying to cool off! But there was too much pieces of snow.”

Sam with sweat beading off her brow and lip

Cate says, “I was putting ice in my boot, toot, toot.”


Daddy Bill

Cate laid down briefly. She says, “I’m trying to get up from making a snow angel.”

After the snow, we rested and snacked on benches in the new clearing where the vulture pen used to be. Sam asked me very nicely if she could take some pictures with my camera. I really like what she got!

Cate and Dad, as seen by Sam

Mama Bob as seen by Sam

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2 Responses to “Snow day at the Houston Zoo!”

  1. jbholzer says:

    Too much dissonance. I’m reminded of watching people in tee shirts, shorts and sneakers having snowball fights at Paradise, on Mt. Rainier. Glad the girls had fun.

  2. Auntie Em says:

    Wonderful pictures of snow in Houston in July

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