Bob on a hot tin roof

After weeks of the coldest winter weather I’ve ever experienced in Houston, today was glorious. Sunny and 65. Fabulous! Bill and I walked to lunch and back and decided to “get something done” outside when we got back.

We have a plastic owl decoy that hangs from the peak of our roof to deter mourning doves from roosting in the eaves and pooping on our cars. Or we did. We took it down for That Damned Hurricane in 2008 and never put it back up. It took a while, but the doves eventually noticed the owl’s absence and came back and have been pooping on the cars ever since. Today was time to fix that.

So Bill got out the ladder and I went up it, as we’ve done plenty of times before. But it rattled me a little. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m older, or out of shape, or just out of practice, but the ladder was wigglier and the roof was smaller than I remember.

I’m not ready to get old and stop being a girl who can climb ladders and do stuff. It’s time to start working out again.

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