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A little Christmas 2014…

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

At two, Cate and Sam really enjoyed the modest return of Christmas in 2013, and I did, too. So this year, we started a little earlier. And Gram Nancy invited us to come help decorate her house, too.

On Sunday morning (Dec 7), we had breakfast at home, cajoled girls into getting dressed, eventually made it out of the house and drove to Conroe. Gram picked up lunch from the Club, and after lunch, girls took good long naps on the floor of the dormitory.

Eventually, both girls acceded to my demand they sleep

Sam woke first, and was delighted to help decorate Gram’s tree. Cate slept longer and woke up chipper and ready to help, too.

Ready to hang

Gram showed Cate how to hang balls on her tree…

… and then helped Sam hang balls, too.

Nancy acquired this animatronic Santa when Bill was just 2 or 3.

Nancy’s mother Alice crocheted these snowpeople

Only Bill was tall enough to mount the bow on top



Holiday Bob

* * *
For Christmas eve, morning, and day after, my camera was not in its drawer and I couldn’t remember where I’d stashed it (next to its battery charger). So while we did make the rounds from home to Conroe to Galveston, and we did enjoy time with our extended families, and the girls did get to play with both sets of cousins, I didn’t capture any of it digitally. With a little luck, some subset of us may remember some of it anyway.