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Shopping with Cate and Sam…

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

While we were in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend, Houston had big weather with rainstorms and lightning. When we returned, our microwave no longer functioned.

Bill will observe that the 16-year-old Sharp microwave had been dysfunctional for years. Early in its tenure, an electrical surge blew a capacitor, but I liked it enough to spend $30 replacing the capacitor. Some of the display elements had gone dark, and over time, more of them went dark until it was unreadable. But I still used it easily.

However, the microwave is essential equipment in our kitchen and not turning on was problematic. So we reviewed Consumer Reports and read user reviews at Amazon during nap time, and after girls woke, we headed out to put eyeballs on a few models.

Shopping with the kids is a hoot — because we don’t do it very often — and they especially enjoy Home Depot. Here’s Bill walking them back from the obligatory search for fork lifts:

Bill, Sam, and Cate striding through Home Depot

The girls had fun playing with the small selection of microwaves. They especially liked the teeny tiny one with the door that you just tug open, instead of pushing a button:

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Pressing on to Best Buy, we found a big well-regarded LG microwave at a reasonable price. While we transacted for it, the girls surveyed the impulse purchase offerings, and became fascinated with some kind of candy with battery-powered helicopters on top. I still don’t know whose candy it was, and we did not acquire them.

Sam spinning

Cate spinning

When we finished, Auntie Emily met us at Beck’s Prime in Meyerland for dinner and chocolate milkshakes. Great end to a great summer Saturday!

Cate, Emily, and Sam