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Ship Channel boat tour!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

A couple of months ago, Bill declared we had reservations for a boat tour. The Port of Houston Authority operates the M/V Sam Houston on a free 90-minute tour of Houston’s Ship Channel. Baba Jean and Izzy joined us for this outing, Sam and Cate’s second ride on a boat!

Baba Jean, Bob, Sam

Bill, Cate, Izzy

Sam dancing

Tank farm

Pine 5 freighter

Cate and Sam in the fantail


Jean and Izzy

About an hour into the ride, I realized my camera auto-focus was disabled. Sorry!





Ship Channel Bridge

After the boat tour, we crossed back over the bayou and headed to Brady’s Landing. The parking lot was packed — they had 5 events that morning! — but the restaurant was wide open. We enjoyed their seafood buffet, dessert, and their panoramic view of boats and birds along the bayou.

Sleepy Cate

Sleeping Sam

Looking at how this sleeping Sam neatly fills her car seat, I’m reminded of an earlier trip to the Ship Channel, while a tiny Sam dozed. Such changes in two years!

Boats, babies, and role playing games

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Last July, Auntie Em and Claudia started giving the girls “boat rides”. A girl sits in the whale tub, or a laundry basket, or a toy bin (dish tub), or a clothing bin (with or without clothes) and one of the adults present pushes them around the floor:

(For larger video, download this original resolution MOV file (143 mb).)

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Sam and Cate were both pretty quiet during this first ride. A few days later, Sam looked on skeptically while Dad pushed Cate around in a toy bin. But by the end of that weekend, both girls were eager to seek out vessels, maybe empty them of other contents, climb in, sit down, and look up expectantly at the adults as they awaited their next boat ride. We’ve spent a lot of time since then giving boat rides:

(For larger video, download this original resolution MOV file (113 mb).)

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Initially we made “bubble lips” sounds for motor hum. But soon after we switched to saying “zzzsssshhh”, the girls started making their own motor sounds, too.

We tried to teach them the ASL sign for “boat”, with minimal success. But Cate learned pretty quickly to say, “go!”

We’ve also established empirically that some containers, such as diaper cartons and to-go containers, aren’t suitable for boating.

* * *
Back when the girls were still premature and super-sleepy, Cate had a funny expression in which she would open one eye to regard you, while leaving the other one closed. It prompted Daddy Bill to call her “Pirate Cate” for a while. It turns out, as we’ve seen on other occasions, that Cate really is a pirate, insofar as she’s someone who will board your “boat” against your will and take it over:

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(For larger video, download this original resolution MOV file (245 mb).)

* * *
There’s a stage in human development when toddlers start engaging in role playing games that emulate the daily activities they see around them. I can’t remember what it’s called, but we’re there.

Last fall, Auntie Em brought the girls a pair of tiny (8″) twin baby dolls. Their Odale cousins gifted them with a pair of larger soft baby dolls at Christmas. At first, the dolls were just objects of curiosity, but then we started reading, Clifford’s Bedtime / Clifford y la hora de dormir. After hearing a few times that “Clifford necesita su muñeca. Clifford needs his doll.” they got more interested and started asking for their doll babies at bedtime. So we began going through the motions of putting the babies to bed, too.

Last week (more or less?), Auntie Em crafted beds for the dolls. She sewed tiny, fleecy, blue pillows that fit into clear plastic shoe boxes. We managed to put the baby dolls down in the new beds for a naptime or two, but the girls figured out how to disassemble the beds pretty readily. And then something cool happened:

Sam put the clear plastic “bed” on the floor, she put a doll baby inside, and then she pushed what was then quite plainly a “boat” across the carpeted floor toward the bathroom, while making “zzzsssshhh” motor sounds. When I asked out loud, “are you pushing your baby in a boat?”, Cate got the same idea and took off pushing her baby in a boat, too.