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Personal obsessions at 3-3/4…

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Even now, upon realizing our kids are twins, strangers still sometimes ask, “are they identical?”

“This word, identical, it does not mean what you think it means.”

Mostly I smile and answer, “no, not really in any possible way.” Aside from skin tone and that cute nose, Sam and Cate are as different as any two sisters might be, including different personal interests.

A couple of months ago, the girls extended their independence to climbing counters and retrieving from cupboards any items that interest them at will. Sam has become very fond of bandaids. If at any point you realize that it’s quiet and Cate’s in sight but Sam isn’t, odds are you can find her in our bathroom, helping herself to a variety of plain and character bandaids:

Sam emerged wearing 9 bandaids and several wraps of gentle tape (July 3)

Meanwhile, both girls mastered counting — that is, uniquely enumerating discrete objects — last year, sometime around age 2-1/2. Then in April, it occurred to me we could make counting more interesting with playing cards. So Bill started teaching them variations on Go Fish and War:

Bill teaching the girls Go Fish

At the beginning of July, I showed the girls how to play Solitaire on my iPhone. Sam enjoys sliding the cards around, but seems to prefer physical cards to touchscreen cards.

We played this first game together (July 1)

Cate, meanwhile, *loves* to play the game on my phone. She squeals with delight when she finds an ace to start a “home suit” pile or clears a column: “Mom! I have room for a King now!” She knows how to use the Hint button to confirm when there are no more useful moves remaining, and she even wins sometimes!

Several times in the last two weeks, I have waked to the sensation of a no-longer-sleepy Cate at the bedside, asking “may I come up?” But where she used to want to cuddle, she now declares conspiratorially, “Mom, it’s Solitaire time!”

Friday morning, it was too cold inside, so first Sam and then Cate took turns wearing the Lion costume we received from Nicole’s guys. But as soon as she was warm, Cate wanted a Solitaire fix:

Lion Cate working the cards on my phone (July 17)