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Catherineism #: Sock it to you…

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Friday morning (Feb 20), Emily was in Houston, and we invited her to come with us to Shabbat at Becker. While I was making breakfast, the girls got out the musical greeting cards Emi gave them for Valentine’s Day.

Catie’s card plays a snippet of “Who let the dogs out?” I pulled up the Baha Men’s original video on YouTube, and the girls found it fascinating.

Sammie’s card plays a song by the Isley Brothers:

“It’s your thing
Whatcha gonna do?
I can’t tell you
who to sock it to…”

* * *
Listening to that snippet reminded me of Gran’mom.

Language and idiom change over time. I’m not sure which factors most shape which elements stick with each person. Many of my expressions date to the 1980s; many of my Gran’mom’s expressions were much earlier.

During her final year or two, Gran’mom was decreasingly able to care for her cat. More pertinently, she was unable to fend him off. When Zachary batted at her ankles, her paper-thin skin split open into painful wounds that needed nursing care.

One time, when a nurse was tending to her wound dressing, he caused her discomfort. Gran’mom squirmed and exclaimed, “Ouch! Watch it, Buster, or I’ll sock it to you!”

* * *
Emily arrived in time to help the girls get dressed for school. Cate decided to skip socks and just wear her berry-colored play shoes. While Cate was getting her shoes, Sam opened the card to play the song again, and Emi and I sang along.

When we finished the song snippet, Cate was standing in the doorway looking quizzical. She asked, “What is ‘sock it to you’?” Emi replied, “Oh, it’s a very 1960s expression” and Cate wandered off.

I captured Sam and started talking her into blue leggings, a long-sleeve blue tee, her Becker blue top, and fleece pants with pockets for Tzedakah. Just then, Cate approached from the dressing room, and lobbed a roll of turquoise socks at me.

When I asked, “What’d you do that for?!” — feeling puzzled because she’d declared for going sock-free — Cate beamed and exclaimed, “I socked it to you, Mom!”

Catherineism #: She needed a trim!

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Shortly after I cut Catie’s hair for the first time, Auntie Em’ gifted me with a cute pair of hair-trimming shears. The cover is shaped like a giraffe, and doubles as a whistle. It’s useful for motivating the girls to sit still and let me trim their hair. It lives in the tool drawer in the kitchen.

* * *
When Bill left GE at the end of May, we agreed that it would be helpful if I could settle Gran’mom’s estate sooner than later. We decided that I should shift gears and focus on trying to disposition all of her belongings, empty her condo, and list it for sale.

With Bill scheduly unconstrained, he could now cover girls during the afternoons and evenings, freeing me to make overnight runs to Galveston, for the first time in many years. In the last 12 weeks, in addition to Toddler Tuesdays for swimming, I’ve made 9 or 10 trips to help my mom purge, recycle, donate, and slowly empty Sarah’s place.

* * *
Monday afternoon, Sam saw something on the dining room floor, and exclaimed, “what’s that?!?” Cate observed that it was hair.

Nane asked to see it, and then remarked that it was *a lot* of hair. On closer scrutiny, it looked decidedly like a lock of hair. I asked the girls whose hair it was.

Cate replied cheerfully, “Sam’s!”

I asked how Sam’s hair came to be loose on the floor, and Cate said, “we cut it with scissors.” She continued knowingly, “She needed a trim,” and then added, “I told Sam to sit still, but she wiggled!”

I reminded both girls that scissors are a tool for grown ups, and to please leave all the trimming to me and Victoria. In the meantime, Sam’s bangs are a little thin in front!

The giraffe shears with snippets of Sam’s hair

Catherineism #: Oh, crumbs!

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

A few months ago, while reading reviews on Amazon, I came across a marvelous children’s book called, The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. It’s about a cheerful, intrepid, and clever little mouse who takes a stroll through the deep dark wood, and the creatures he meets along the way.

The story is told in lyrical verse and is delightful to read aloud. Also, because the author is English, the story includes several Britishisms. For example, when the fox takes leave of the mouse, he says, “I’m off!” When the snake becomes alarmed, he exclaims, “Oh, crumbs!” before he slithers back into his logpile house.

* * *
The girls are all signed up to begin preschool next week at the Becker Early Childhood Center of Congregation Emanuel, across from the Rice campus. Thursday night (Aug 21), the four of us attended a “new families” welcome event at school. Sam and Cate are really excited about becoming “school girls” and were eager to see the campus and meet some of the kids.

Afterward, we went to Jason’s Deli for dinner, although they’d had enough cheese, fruit, and pink lemonade that they weren’t especially hungry.

Rather than ordering entrees for them, we fed them off of our plates. Cate asked if she could please have *another* club cracker and I encouraged her to eat some more meatball and veggies instead. Undeterred, she continued to work at prying away the plastic wrapper from the crackers at the middle of the pack, thoroughly smushing them in the process.

Eventually, she succeeded in perforating the wrapper, sprinkling a shower of tiny cracker bits across the floor. Cate paused for a moment, surveying the situation, and then exclaimed gleefully, “Oh, crumbs!”

Hee hee!

While I remember Baba Jean exclaiming that during my childhood, it’s not an expression Bill or I use. Which means, in retrospect, that the girls would have to take it literally. Too funny!

Catherineism #17: Glee!

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Two mornings after Christmas, a still-sleepy Cate, wearing her reindeer jammies, performed “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” for my camera. Enjoy!

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Catherineism #18: Mama, don’t!

Monday, January 13th, 2014

My friend Hillary is someone that I admire a great deal. She’s always kind and relentlessly upbeat, despite facing a few of life’s toughest challenges.

Shortly after New Year’s, Hillary mentioned that she’s in the midst of a “95-squat” challenge. The challenge is structured to require varying repetitions each day as you work up to 95 reps.

When one friend observed that it sounded “hard” and another called it “scary,” Hillary explained that it might be, but she tried not to think about it too much. What’s important is to get busy trying to do it. Good point!

Since then, I’m trying to challenge myself to do more. I’ve gone on two bike rides, I’ve done some stretching and strengthening with the girls, and today I pushed the stroller to Super Slidey Park.

I’ve even tried some squats here and there. I’m ginger about it, since I’m unsure whether my back will let me down, but I’ve done enough squats that I can feel them working my quads.

This morning at the park, Sam and Cate spent some time hanging from the monkey bars. My gosh, they’re getting strong! When Sam went on to the next thing, Cate shifted over to the orange steel safety railing. She’s now tall enough to reach the top bar, and she inserted her feet between the uprights and walked along the bottom bar.

Standing next to her, I decided to use the railing like a ballet bar and do a few squats. Catie immediately climbed down and turned to watch me, with an expression of growing concern. As I came up and then began to squat again, Cate exclaimed, “Mama?!? Don’t! Don’t poo in your undies!!!”

Catherineism #2

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Cate is working hard to say several phonemes — maa, naa, and the like. Here she demonstrates her newfound ability to make wet razzing sounds with her tongue, sometimes embellished with a little chicken and sweet potato goop.

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Catherineism #1

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Here’s Cate talking at 12 weeks (or 7 weeks past their due date) on my brother’s birthday:

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