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Speed blogging: what are the odds?

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

I like to sleep.
I’d like to sleep.
Actually, I’m scarily cognitively impaired and I desperately need to sleep more.
We need our girls to sleep so that we can sleep.
Sleep is a function of brain maturity, driven by their gestational/growth age.

Babies first develop a “long” 5-6 hour night sleep block around 6 weeks past their due date. Our girls did that on time, but it’s only rarely the same overlapping block of time. Our sleep is hemmed by the last baby asleep and the first baby awake — lowest common denominator style.

Babies begin to organize their day sleep into regular naps and eliminate the middle-of-the-night feedings around 16 weeks. That’s five weeks… or 35 days… or 175 sleep blocks from now: an eternity.

While two people in the last 24 hours have reassured me that it will happen “before you know it,” I feel like I have higher odds of winning the lottery that I don’t play or getting struck by lightning… twice.