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Speed blogging: noises

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Sleeping babies make you hear everything more clearly:

  • squeaky floor boards
  • squeaky door hinges
  • rattling window sashes
  • toilet flushing
  • hard-soled shoes
  • crinkle of plastic packaging
  • microwave latch and dinger
  • clatter of ceramic and glass dinnerware on similar surfaces
  • leaf blowers and lawn mowers
  • noisy neighbors who don’t know any better
  • Sandy, the fool-headed, country, barking-at-everything, yellow Laborador who should know better
  • muffler-less motorcycles
  • city garbage collector honking to “tell the guy to put his bins further apart
  • 20-something Cool Guy honking to “tell his dad to hurry up”
  • telephone(s)
  • sneezes and coughs
  • the other sister
  • etc

Fortunately, we have a few good sources of white noise: the air conditioner (12-minute blower cycle), the dishwasher (45-minute cycle), and Bill’s C-PAP (all night). These go a long way to mask the other noises and keep babies sleeping. But I’m ready to trade my kingdom in exchange for some reliable quiet around here.